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Supernal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ST) is founded by a group of highly experienced experts from technology, business and solution domains with a vision to provide high-value solutions at an affordable Global delivery model.
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"We like to take a more realistic approach to what businesses really need to be successful in today's market." We build a dynamic environment that leads to great work and long-lasting relationships with our clients, team and partners.
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Our small team is growing fast ... We'd love your help in making Supernal Technologies (ST) truly special. Come join us! At ST great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly.
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"Highly professional yet flexible, at par with the industrial standards, connecting your thoughts, hardworking are the few opinions you build when you work with Supernal technologies-Shashi. It is a group of strong dedicated hard working talkies who can deliver your thoughts." Santhosh Kumar GS, CEO & Founder of TPC
"I'm very happy with my website and the work that supernal Technologies has done. They also took care of any small issues arising after the project completion. They created my site from scratch and I love it. It wasn't easy and took much patience on both sides but it's a great site and I look forward to knocking out some more work on it in the near future with them." Surya Narayana, MD of Actroid Technologies
"The factors that encouraged me to work with supernal technologies were timeliness and professionalism of communication in offering process. Great quality at competitive price was what encouraged me to select supernal Technologies for my project. I would give them an A+ rating for all the work they did for me. " Jyothi & Mahadeshwaraiah, Founders of Jyothi Enterprises